They provide valuable information about the chemical makeup of toxic substances, as well as how to store and properly dispose of toxic substances.?

Country SDS ID   SDS Name Publication Date
?US 791002 ?Alaska North Slope Crude Oil (Alaska) ?20-Nov-15
?US 780950 ?Alpine Crude (Alaska) 28-Oct-15
US 787043 Arctic Fuels (Alaska) 2-Apr-12
US 825378 Bakken Crude Oil (Sweet) 19-May-14
US? 825797? ?Carbon Dioxide ?11-Nov-14
US 730370 Crude Condensate 2-Apr-12
US 733721 Crude Oil, Sour 2-Apr-12
US 724160 Crude Oil, Sweet 2-Apr-12
US 715270 CUI Buffer Spike (Alaska) 2-Apr-12
?US 775335? ?Ethane ?30-Mar-15
US 245280 Isobutane 8-Oct-15
US 716570 KAF-151 (Alaska) 2-Apr-12
US 169200 Liquefied Natural Gas 8-Oct-15
US 790587 Methane, Beluga River Unit 2-Apr-12
US 787108 Miscible Gas Injectant 2-Apr-12
?US 825748 ?Miscible PreFlush (Alaska) ?1-Nov-18
US 724070 Mixed Butanes 8-Oct-15
?US 719350? ?Molten Sulfur ?19-Dec-16
US 780960 Naptha (Alaska) 2-Apr-12
US 724330 Natural Gas 8-Oct-15
US 787044 Natural Gas (Alaska) 2-Apr-12
US 733719 Natural Gas Condensate, Sour 8-Oct-15
?US 778671? ?Natural Gas Condensate, Sweet ?8-Oct-15
US 786340 Natural Gas Liquids 2-Apr-12
US 039420 Natural Gasoline 8-Oct-15
US? ?826060 ?Niobrara Crude Oil, Sweet 1-Mar-17?
US 245290 Normal Butane (Commercial Butane) 8-Oct-15
US 401320 Produced Brine Water 8-Oct-15
US 787093 Produced Water 8-Oct-15
US 169570 Propane 8-Oct-15
US 787092 Propane (Alaska) 17-Aug-12
US 775348 Raw Natural Gas, Sour 8-Oct-15
?US 826040 ?Raw Natural Gas, Sour with Odor ?8-Oct-15
US 775374 Raw Natural Gas, Sweet 8-Oct-15
?US 826039 ?Raw Natural Gas, Sweet with Odor ?8-Oct-15
US 826064 Sulfur, Solid 10-Apr-18
Canada 778999 Acid Gas (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada 778929 Berland 150 (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada 826062 Blowdown Water (Canada) 1-Jan-18
Canada 791827 Butanes - Iso and Normal (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada 775325 C2000 Frac Oil (Canada) 16-May-14
Canada 826041 Crude Oil, Sour (Canada) PG I 7-Oct-15
Canada 826042 Crude Oil, Sour (Canada) PG II 7-Oct-15
Canada 826043 Crude Oil, Sour (Canada) PG III 7-Oct-15
Canada 826044 Crude Oil, Sweet (Canada) PG I 6-Oct-15
Canada 826045 Crude Oil, Sweet (Canada) PG II 6-Oct-15
Canada 826046 Crude Oil, Sweet (Canada) PG III 6-Oct-15
Canada 826063 Disposal Water (Canada) 1-Jan-18
Canada 778987 Hydrogen Sulphide (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada 778984 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Canada) 27-May-14
Canada 826074 Montney Produced Water 6-Aug-19
Canada 778900 Natural Gas, Dried (Canada) 24-Aug-15
Canada 791815 Natural Gas, Liquid (Canada) 24-Augr-15
Canada 791785 Natural Gas, Sour (Canada) 24-Aug-15
Canada 791783 Natural Gas, Sweet (Canada) 24-Aug-15
Canada? ?826058 Noel Gas Plant Condensate (Canada) 29-Sept-16?
Canada 809097 POC 150 Frac Fluid (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada? 776012? ?Produced Salt Water, Sour (Canada) ?06-Nov-15
Canada? 778932? ?Produced Salt Water, Sweet (Canada) ? ?06-Nov-15
Canada 775185 Propane (Canada) 17-Aug-12
Canada 791787 Propylene (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada 809098 PWC 150 Frac Fluid (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada 826075 SHD Crude (Canada) 29-Apr-19
Canada 826002 Sour Condensate (Canada) PG I 24-Aug-15
Canada 778886 Sour Condensate (Canada) PG II 24-Aug-15
Canada 815862 Sour Glycol (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada 810906 Sulphur, Liquid (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada 778933 Sulphur, Solid (Canada) 3-Apr-12
Canada 778993 Surmont Heavy Blend (Canada) 7-Mar-17
Canada 826065 SMA (Surmont Mix A) 26-Sept-17
Canada 826066 SMC (Surmont Mix C) 26-Sept-17
Canada? ?826049 ?Surmont Operations De-oiled Tank Outlet Water (Canada) 21-Dec-15?
?Canada ?826052 ?Surmont Operations Low Press. Feed Water Pump Discharge (Canada) 21-Dec-15??
Canada? ?826051 ?Surmont Operations Outlet Water (Canada) 21-Dec-15??
Canada? 826050? ?Surmont Operations WLS Sludge Wasting (Canada) 21-Dec-15??
Canada 778591 Surmont Synbit 24-Aug-15
Canada 826004 Sweet Condensate (Canada) PG I 24-Aug-15
Canada 775184 Sweet Condensate (Canada) PG II  24-Aug-15